California, Arcadia Mission Adventures April 2014

Week 2 in the field

This work is so awesome and I am loving it!  Though I miss home and am still struggling with Spanish, I am seeing so many miracles. Friday was a FULL day of miracles! Real miracles. Our zone started a new thing and we decided we would all get up 5 minutes earlier and all pray for miracles.  I counted 5 miracles that took place.  We had been praying for one of our investigators that he would know that the gospel is true. He set a baptism date. That was a special miracle.  Hermana Angulo and I hadnt had any dinner.  some random guy out of nowhere bought us dinner. Normally that might not be considered to some as a miracle.  But to us it truly was. Otherwise, we would have gone without eating for the night. We found two other new investigators (which was two more miracles).  The last of the day when went knocked on ladies door and she told us that she had been praying that god would please send someone so that she know that he loves her.  She had been having a rough time in her life and said that we were the answer to that prayer. If you will take a closer look around at things , you will see that there are MANY miracles in your life.  They really do happen!


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