California, Arcadia Mission Adventures April 2014

I love this work!

On the plane to Cali I wrote a short poem
Be strong
We all have done wrong
Stand tall
Even when you fall
Don't give up
Jesus partook of the bitter cup
We are all in this together
Together we must stand
Be of good comfort
For the coming of the savior is at hand.
Be strong.

Wed may 28
First day in Arcadia has been great! I will be serving in San Gabriel with Hermana Palmyra Angulo. She is super nice and we get along great! We taught a lady today that has cancer. We shared some of our favorite scriptures with her. I also shared Moroni 10 4. She is a really sweet lady. I could feel the spirit as we taught.

Pretty fun to be around so many of the Chinese people. I like feeling like I'm in ChinaEven the names of store are in Chinese!!!

One of the took care of us for dinner. It was super nice and tasty too. The
first thing I said to her was "Hi I'm Hermana Westergard and I don't
speak a lot of Spanish" hahahaha.... Embarrassing.....

We taught a lesson today about "enduring to the end." We taught
Santiago and he wants to be baptized. When he came to church with us last Sunday, he brought a friend with him. Now it looks like we have another investigator.
Its awesome to literally see the light in others eyes that the gospel is brings.
I gave my testimony in church about how important it is for the members
to help build gods kingdom. It was in the Spanish ward. So Im not sure if anyone could
understand a word of what I said. lol

Sorry it's short this week I type really slow with these iPads haha
but I know this is exactly where I belong!

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