California, Arcadia Mission Adventures April 2014

One amazing week!

Teaching is becoming a lot easier. We taught Aura on the Gospel of Jesus Christ today. I spoke from my heart. It gets easier everytime. We had an earthquake again today haha. It was bigger than the last one. Oncie I knew I was safe outside though it was fun haha. Today was a really productive day. I got a lot of these done. We had to teach as many people as we could in 10 minutes and me and my companion taught 30 personas!!!!!!!!! This work is so amazing.
Friday May 9
Today we taught Pricilliano on faith. It went extremely well. The spirit was so strong when we were teaching. He spoke to me and Hermana McCormic after and told us how well we did and how much he felt the spirit. I cant wait to start teaching real people! Love it here!
Saturday May 10
Another earthquake today. Yep I know. Hahaha. The presidency of the church sent a letter out to all the stakes in Mexico telling them to be prepared with 2 days worth of food and water. Crazy huh! Today I learned the power of reading the Book of Mormon with your investigator. It brings the spirit so much and helps them to understand more because you are there to help them and answer questions. I never want this feeling to go away!
Sunday May 11
MOTHERS DAY!! Such an amazing day to be able to skype with my fam. It was sad they couldn{t see me though.. I gave a talk on the 4th article of faith today for my district. In relief society I learned a lot of things. There is this quote by Thomas S. Monson that says live for tomorrow, and you will only have a lot of empty yesterdays today. I love it so much. I think it can apply to everyones life. We need to focus on what we are going to do today and the important things that matter today. We cant be imagining our lives tomorrow or in the future or we will miss out on amazing opportunities today. It was awesome. I met a guy that served in the Arcadia California mission. It was awesome. He said that I am going to love it and if I work hard I will definitely come home fluent in spanish. He said I will have many opportunities to speak english and spanish. We had the opportunity of seeing a devotional by Richard G. Scott today. It was extremely powerful. He blessed all the missionaries that with study and faith we will be able to MASTER the language and god will ease our burdens. We said goodbye to a few latinos in our casa today. It was hard. I love them hahaha even though I still dont understand them perfectly hahahha! There is this really short cute latino missionary and she is a full blooded lamanite. Awesome I know hahahaha!
Monday May 12
I decided to set a goal on faith today. Faith that god with help me master the language. I really want to focus on faith this week because faith is the foundation of all things en nuestros vidas. Without faith we cannot do what the lord expects us to do. Faith is so important to have in everyones lives. Today was such an amazing day. I had a lot of good laughs today that I really needed hahaha. They have these really good chocolate candys here called bueno bars that I love. Well the power went out in the middle of class so I was like YES NOW IS MY CHANCE TO EAT THE AMAZING DELICOUS BUENO BAR THAT I CANNOT WAIT TO EAT. So the lights were out so I hurried and tried eating it so no one could see me and then the lights came back on before I could take my first bite and then I just set it down and was like dang it. All the sista peeps started laughing and I started laughing and just could not stop. You would have to be here to fully understand hahaha. But ya it was much needed. It is important to know that you can have fun on your mission, but you have to know when to be serious too. 
Tuesday May 13
Another earthquake today. It was a baby one though. I really enjoy my compainion. We get along really well. We are similiar and different in many ways but we were meant for each other I know it hahha. It is going to be really hard saying bye to everyone here because of how close I have got to them. I heard a devotional by L. Tom Perry. It was good. He talked a little about Parley p. Pratt which was awesome because he is my great great great great grandpa!
I had the opportunity of going to the Mexico City temple today. It is by far the best day here yet. We didnt get to go inside but we got pictures and were able to go through the visitor center. It was incredible. I cant even explain with words how it felt. It was so awesome!! it was really nice to get out of the mtc and see more of mexico city. I really really like it here. It is really humbling to see everyone. It is way different than the US. I am just so excited! I love it here. It was hard times but mostly good times. It is just such an amazing experience! Love you guys!!!!!!!!

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