California, Arcadia Mission Adventures April 2014

This gospel is true!

Thursday May 1 2014

I read Alma chapter 4 today and really like it! It was talking about the Anti Nephi Lehies and how they repented unto God and gave all their hearts to him that when the Lamanites came to kill them they didnt fight back, they just trusted in god wit heverthing. It just amazes me how humble they were about everything. I want to have that much faith and confidence and trust in the lord. Me and hermana McCormic taught Aura today about more of the Restoration and J.S. We are improving every time and it gets easier.
Friday May 2
Today was a really hard day for me. While I was reading my scriptures I came across Alma 26 11-12 and Alma 26 27. Those scriptures were talking about with god you can be strong and with him you will have success. It really really helped. And I have an awesome companion so that always helps as well! I have been relying on my Heavenly Father for everything and it strengthens my testimony so much! The church is true!!!
Saturday May 3
My companion was struggling with homesickness again today. She is such a sweet girl and she loves her family so much. I got super close to some of the other Hermanas today. They told me stories that made me appreicate my life and my family so much more. I can not even complain after hearing what I heard. The people here are so strong.
Sunday May 4
I have a really strong testimony of JesuCristo and his atonement. I know that because of him we can return to our heavenly Father once again in happiness. My life would be so much harder without this knowledge. No matter what happens there will be at least one person converted from my mission. And that person is me. We are always constantly changing. We are either moving forward or backwards. I wrote a poem today called Always Remember!
There will be times
And there will be moments
You will Search for your purpose
And go to any extent
´¨Who am I¨¨ you say
¨what am i doing here?¨you question
You will ponder deep in your heart
and wont be able to find an ounce of perfection
you will feel lost and alone
you will think to yourself
Ï knew i couldnt do it, i should have known¨¨
You will miss you family
you will miss your home
You will try to have faith
You will try to be strong
buut it will be so hard
when you feel like everything your doing is wrong.
And when those hard times come
That you feel all alone
You will begin to realize
that you cant do this one your own.
This realization
May be just the key
That makes you question
¨what are these feelings inside of me?¨
These are not feelings of epace
these are not feelings of happiness
I dont know if I should mention
But it may just be satan
causing all this contention.
Be strong
And as along as you do your best
You will never go wrong, put it to the test
You are here for a reason
That reason you must find
And hang on to it
with all your heart, soul, and mind.
Before you become blind.
You are a representative of Jesus Christ
People you promised
Are waitng for you
The time is now
What are you going to do_
Your time here is short_
And there are hearts to change}
souls to save
Sp put on the armor of God
And be brave.
Fight to the end
And dont let sain in
Fight to the end
and you will win.
Never forget
and always remember
that through gods plan
we are brought together
Never forget
And always remember
That god loves you
And many blessings too
And never forget
And always remember
That you are Gods tool
To help people be better
You are gods tool
To bring families other forever!
Monday May 5
Today a put a couple scriptures with a note card in my companions scriptures because she has been sick so I have just been reading the book of mormon while she rests. I read about 60 pages which was really nice. I am so grateful to be here!
Tuesday May 6
Today as a district we read a talk called The Fourth Missionary. It was super amazing!! It talked about how there are 4 different types of missionaries. The first one is disobedient and comes home early. The second is disobedient but stays. The 3rd one is obedient with everything but isnt there with his or her heart. and the fourth one looses everything into the work. I want to be like the fourth missionary. I want every single thing I have to go into this! This is real life and this church is real and it is true. And when hard times come I just think about Jesus Christ and how it wasnt easy for him. I have the easy way compared to him. I love this gospel more than anything!!!
Sorry for all the mistakes im typing fast and this keyboard is really different lol… I love you guys!!!!

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