California, Arcadia Mission Adventures April 2014

🙂 🙂 I made here it here safely! It hasn´t been as hard as I thought it would be. <Its kind of hard for me to type because the keyboard here at Mexico is a little different than ours hahaha!!! But the flight was really nice. I did think back to when we went to the temple about 10 days ago and we both knew that the advasary was working on us. I wrote in my journal, ate some food, tried to sleep and hung out with Sister Corbin and Sister Batemen. It was so comforting to have them with me. We did meet up with a few missionaries at Arizona. Things are going great! Right when landed to Mexico City some guy started talking to me and Sister Corbin in spanish and a little english. He asked if we spoke spanish and I said somewhat. (This was all in Spanish) Then he asked if we were here for a vacation and we told him we were missionaries and he said thats awesome! Once I arrived to Mexico I have had to speak Spanish :).. I didnt have a lot of help carrying my luggage  and that was hard and a little embarrassing lol. The guy helping us on the bus didnt know very much english and so I was trying to understand him and talked to him a little then nobody was listening to him because they couldnt understand him so he told me to tell everyone to bring their suitcases over  I have really enjoyed being able to use my Spanish! Once we got on the bus I found out really quickly that Mexico drivers drive like crazy people hahahaha!!! Everyone is just going at their own speeds and some people would walk out in the middle of the street trying to sell stuff in the middle of traffic. I also saw some guy on his regular bike riding it in the middle of the street with all the cars. It was kinda scary lol.ImageImage. Then it started raining and hailing really hard so nobody could see out their windows while driving! I sat by Sister Corvin though so we had a lot of laughs about it. Mexico is definitely different from the United States. Now I am here at the MTC and miss you all at home. It was really hard for me to leave but I actually feel really happy right now and excited to learn! My companions name is Sister McCormick. She is from California and will be serving her mission in Flordia. So far she seems like a really nice girl! I still cant believe this is happening though haha… I cant believe I am really a missionary. I will be able to skype you on Mothers day. Im not super sure how it is going to go yet though!! Tell everyone I love them! You are amazing mom!!! I dont have a ton of time to email everyone but tell everyone hi! Ill talk to you soon
Hermana Westergard

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